Garden Time With Toby The Cat is a YouTube Series, starring Toby Lagden and is created by James Chivers.

Original Series Run: 02 July 2010 - Present (currently airing) (on hiatus)

The series features Toby Lagden playing and getting up to adventures in the back garden of the Chivers family home. The first episode aired on the 2nd July 2010, no further episodes were scheduled. However in July, James confirmed that he had recorded at least three episodes of the series, although only two episodes as of 2012 have been shown. In 2011 the remaining two/three episodes from series one were rumoured to be aired, but weren't. Following a second series which was filmed in February 2011, but still has not been aired.

Series 1 (2010)

Series 1 has still not fully aired in it's entirety as of yet. There has been no word from James Chivers about any plans for cancellation. It is still currently unknown when the remaining two episodes from Series 1 will be aired on YouTube.

Garden Time With Toby The Cat - Episode 1

Garden Time With Toby The Cat - Episode 1

The first episode of Garden Time With Toby The Cat.

Episode 1 (Aired: 02 July 2010) (Pilot Episode)

Episode 2 (Aired: 15 March 2011)

Episode 3 (Scheduled Air Date: 2012?)

Episode 4 (Scheduled Air Date: 2012?)

Series 2 (2011)

Series 2 was filmed in early 2011 and as of 2012, no plans have been made when it is expected to air.

Episode 1 (N/A) (Filmed) (Scheduled Air Date: TBC)

Episode 2 (N/A) (Filmed) (Scheduled Air Date: TBC)

Episode 3 (N/A) (Filmed) (Scheduled Air Date: TBC)

Episode 4 (N/A) (Filmed) (Scheduled Air Date: TBC)


In August 2010, James Chivers posted a bulletin on his YouTube channel MrThesuperboy confirmed that the second episode will air around November 2010, but by November 2010 the episode was never posted. It is unknown when the rest of the series will be aired. The Series has heard no news of being cancelled, James also said that a second series of six episodes may be aired in 2011, but never actually did. On October 5th 2010, it was fully announced the remaining two episodes from series one will be aired at sometime in 2011, but still in 2012, these episodes still haven't seen a release date and so were not forwarded to a later date as of now.

Just until recently in March 2011 James Chivers released information and a release date for episode two, he stated in his own words "Series 1, episode 2 of Garden Time With Toby The Cat will be released this year in March, along with the original promotion trailer for the series, I will be releasing episode 3 shortly". However episode 3 hasn't yet been released.