James Harley (born August 14, 1994 - September 04, 2010)

File:James harley.png
(resurrected December 19, 2010 - present)

is a fictional character portayed by James Chivers in the Satan film series. He appeared in the first film Satan Strikes Again, and in the second film The Haunting Of Satan when previously Harley was killed by Satan, he is brought back as a ghost as he is tortured verbally by Satan, his soul cannot rest until he becomes resurrected for one last time. Also in the third film Satan Returns aka Satan's Revenge. In the first film Satan Strikes Again, Harley talks to his cat The Cat and worries about him due to Satan's threats and menacing behaviour in the household. Harley tries to protect himsef and The Cat. In the third film in the trilogy series Satan VS. Jason he did not appear. In the film Satan Strikes Again he was assumed dead but strangely he was back in the sequel The Haunting Of Satan and later on in the prequel Satan Returns. James Chivers the creator has claimed "James Harley will probably be killed off in the prequel, he will not return in any other films in the series."