Paul "Adolf" White (born October 19, 1946)

Paul White


Päul "Adolf" Shïtenzbërger October, 19 1946 (age 64) Braunau am Inn, Austria–Hungary


Starting Wars, World Domination, Killing Innocent People, Sitting on his arse eating custard creams and making up bullshit.

Years In Office (N.H)



None (yet), or as the old saying goes "there's plenty of fish in the sea", until well of course when all the fish are demolished and forced fed toxic acids by White.

Partner In Crime(s)

Dean Welman (sidekick, ninja, truth twisting, everyday local fraudster) 2010-present

Sukhinder (rumoured to have portrayed White, and admitted the truth about his constant physical abusive behaviour towards parents of children who stayed at N.H) 2009-2010 (Now works as White's servant, to pay back all the damages she had done)




Everybody, but himself (of course).

is a German born and known for being the master of evil torturous annoying twat. Also known for his portrayals of murder, eccentric expressions and vulnerability of what people think of him. He sees himself as a good role model and influence. He has won nothing in his life, except from the hearts of children living in local shithole N.H, and drinking the tears of innocent bereaved orphan children.