Satan Returns (Aka Satan's Revenge) Directed by James Chivers, is a 2010 film with the return of the masked killer Satan.

Satan Returns Film Poster 2010

The film poster for the 2010 film Satan Returns.

In this sequel to Satan Strikes Again, Satan returns to torture and threaten James Harley played by James Chivers. The film began filming on the 5th September 2010 the day after Satan Strikes Again was filmed. The film was completed on the 7th September 2010, and is set for a release date on YouTube round about January-February 2011. So far no annoucements for a movie trailer have been made, although just recently the film had an estimated release date the trailer could be released on YouTube in December 2010 or of a later trailer release date. The film will be released on James's official YouTube channel MrThesuperboy. This is the last Satan film to feature the character James Harley.

UK age Classification

on the 3rd October 2010, the film was reviewed by the JCCO (James Chivers Classification Office) previously the JCFCO (James Chivers Film Classification Office), and the film was named Satan's Revenge when requested a certificate by the JCCO although the film was recently called Satan Returns although in the film credits it is called Satan's Revenge and was given a certificate of 15 for "strong language, and sustained comic threat and scary scenes" by the JCCO.

The Cast In Order of Appearance

Role Portrayed By
Satan James Chivers
James Harley James Chivers
The Cat Toby Lagden (Scenes Cut from finished project)