Satan Strikes Again Directed by James Chivers, is a 2010 film featuring James Chivers as the masked killer Satan.

Satan Strikes Again Poster Sep;tember 2010

The film poster that was released to promote the film Satan Strikes Again in September 2010.

In the film Satan frequently threatens and stalks James Harley played by James Chivers. Filming began on the 4th September 2010 and was completed on the 6th September 2010, and was set for release on YouTube in November 2010. Although was backtracked to the 31st October 2010 due to consistency. A trailer was released on the 9th September 2010 on James's YouTube channel MrThesuperboy.

UK age Classification

on the 3rd October 2010, the film was reviewed by the JCFCO (James Chivers Film Classification Office). The film was given a certificate of 15 for "one use of very strong language, strong language and comic scary scenes" by the JCFCO. Although later on the film was re-rated, trimmed and edited for YouTube release and was therefore rated 12 for "infrequent strong language and moderate threat". The film was uploaded on YouTube on the 31st October 2010 because James Chivers thought it would be more appropriate to upload the film on Halloween night other than in November.

2012 Re-release

The film is subject for a release date sometime in 2012, although apparently it will be a preferred edited cut version.

The Cast In Order of Appearance

Satan Strikes Again (2010) (TRAILER)

Satan Strikes Again (2010) (TRAILER)

The official trailer for the 2010 film.

Role Portrayed by
Satan James Chivers
James Harley James Chivers
The Cat Toby Lagden