Theo in March 2011.

Theo Davis (Nickname: "The Black And White Cat") (born Unknown)

Theo was the next door neighbour's cat living next to James Chivers at Boscombe Avenue in Essex. Toby Lagden was seen many times with Theo in the back garden. Despite many arguements between the duo, they both walk about each others gardens, which causes trouble between the two cats due to territorial reasons.

Theo has now became bolder, and used to make regular visits in the Chivers family garden.

Theo was previously refered to as "The Black And White Cat" by James Chivers and the family due to the fact his name was currently unknown until April 14th 2011 when it was revealed to Sally Chivers and on April 15th, Sally told James Chivers and Kate Chivers his name.

On the 24th July, and several days before, Theo wasn't as frightened and didn't attempt to run away, and instead trusted James, Sally and Kate, and he walked over to them, and they fed Theo with Whiskers temptations, and Theo showed to be very affectionate and allowed them both to stroke him. On the 25th July 2011, the next door neighbours moved out from their house along with Theo, who was most likely placed in a cattery for a short period of time, to allow his owners to pack all their belongings up, since it was a rental home in the first place.