The Cat "Kitty" Cat (born February 21, 2010)

Toby (the cat) satan film

Toby Lagden as he appeared as The Cat, filming Satan Strikes Again in September 2010.

is a fictional character based on Toby Lagden but creator of the Satan horror comedy film series decided to not call Toby by his real name instead he just named Toby The Cat. James also decided to change Toby's date of birth, so that he didn't include any personal details about any of the characters portayed by characters in similar form to real people/animals. In the first film in the Satan film trilogy series Toby Lagden Aka The Cat spoke to James Harley played by James Chivers, although in the second Satan film, Satan Returns, Toby Lagden's scenes were cut from the finishing project, no reason was announced about this change. The Cat played by Toby Lagden did not appear in the fourth installment in the Satan trilogy film series Satan VS. Jason.