The Ghoul Show was a YouTube Series, and was created by James Chivers, Which officially aired on the 13 March 2010. The series features a character called The Ghoul. In which The Ghoul reviews a PlayStation 2 game based on the TV series Family Guy. The series ran for two episodes only, the series was officially cancelled two days since the airing of the first episode, the second episode was filmed but never aired, James Chivers the creator immediatly cancelled the series because he hated the idea for The Ghoul, although James confirmed that The Ghoul would return in several months later as a new character with a darker but comedic tone. In September 2010, previousy known as The Ghoul will return with a new personality and a completly differant character, now known as Satan, in the comedy horror film series franchise. The first short film featuring The Ghoul Satan Strikes Again will be released in November 2010, and in 2011 the two other films from the Satan film franchise will be released on YouTube. See James Chivers filmography.

The Ghoul Show - Episode 1

The Ghoul Show - Episode 1

The first episode from The Ghoul Show.


The series has remained cancelled since March 15th 2010, no further information on when the second/last episode will be aired. Since the series was refered to as a big mistake by creator James Chivers. There is absolutely no hope of the last episode ever being aired/released on YouTube due to low popularity. James Chivers has also claimed he may even delete The Ghoul Show video on his official YouTube account MrThesuperboy.

However in February 2011, the second episode was partially shown in edited segments apart of James Chivers's latest series at the time, his latest approach being a sketch show entitled James's Infinite World Of Potential, shown throughout an episode or two in small clips as a mash up.