The Toby Lagden Movie Directed by James Chivers, is a 2010 film featuring mainly the best bits of Toby's life as a very young kitten. The film began filming in early June 2010 and was completed in early July 2010.

IMG 0010

Toby Lagden promoting his new full length feature film in June 2010.

The Toby Lagden Movie was released on the 24th July 2010 in the UK and was released on VHS on the 18th September 2010. The film was rated PG for mild language, and the VHS release contained a special featurette Tigger VS. Toby Lagden which was rated 12 by the JCFCO (James Chivers Film Classification Office) for two uses of strong language. The film is approximatly 78 minutes long (not including the special featurette). The film was also distributed by Chivers Productions a James Chivers Company.

The film starts off as introducing Toby as he continues to go on adventures throughout the household. We also see Toby on his first day of going outside into the Garden. Which also includes footage of Toby communicating to birds. The film was recorded in 37 Hedingham Road, the Chivers's older house, until recently they moved into Boscombe Avenue.

YouTube Release

In July 2010, after the film had been finished, James was thinking of making the film viewable on the Internet, however James scrapped the idea and never discussed it again. Although in May 2011, James re-considered sometime maybe uploading the film onto popular international video website, YouTube. On July 27th 2011, James uploaded The Toby Lagden Movie onto YouTube in seven parts on the TobyLagden channel, which included the Tigger VS. Toby Lagden special featurette. 

The Cast In Order of Appearance

Toby Lagden Himself
James Chivers Himself
Kate Chivers Herself
Sally Chivers Herself